Saturday, 30 May 2015

Country vs Country - Healer

The order for this one is UK, US, Australian

Julie-Anne: I like all of these. The facial expression on the US cover is a bit weird, almost like she's pushing her chin out. I really love the Australian one, it's just so pretty - the colours and the smoky looking flower. Australia wins.
Danielle: I'm not loving the US cover here. I agree, her face looks weird. The UK cover is nice. She's facing the camera straight on, but I think the fact that she's looking down is enough to save it for me. The Australian cover wins, hands down though. Absolutely love the colours and the design.

J: The chick on the US cover kinda looks like Kristen (Kirsten?) Stewart - I can't even be bothered looking this up, the no expression chick from the Twilight movies. Again, I like all these covers but, also again, Australia is the clear winner for me.
D: She really does look like Kristen Stewart. I wonder if that was on purpose to try to gain the Twilight audience. Either way, I don't like it. I actually really like the UK cover here. I love the white. And if the Australians hadn’t made a cover, it would win. But, the Australians did make a cover, and it's once again spectacular. Love it. Clear winner again.

J: Are they the same women in the US and UK covers? It's hard to tell with the cup and smoke partially covering the face on the UK chick. I think it has to be Australia again. I just really like the designs the Australian publisher uses for the covers for Snyder's books.
D: I agree with everything you've said again. The UK cover is really nice here too. I like the colours and I like that she's partially covering her face. But that Australian cover is so sharp. Definitely Australia for me again too.

Julie-Anne: This is the first series from Snyder I've read that isn't based in the same world - Glass and Study series are all part of the Ixia chronicles. I really enjoyed this series, and even though it's not the same world it has a lot of the same elements so if you enjoy the Ixia books, then you'll enjoy this series.
Danielle: Again, I haven't read these, so I can't comment on the content. The covers are really nice though. That doesn't always happen with books anymore. They always seem to be the same cookie cutter styles. But these are unique, and I'm assuming flow well with the stories themselves.

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