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Country vs Country - Midnight Breed

Danielle: I can honestly say, I'm not a fan of the covers for this series at all. Not in either country. They're kind of cheesy with their couples in various "throes of passion". Blergh. I really don't like the two-covers-in-one of the US style. I do like the bottom half of the US cover, and wish the whole book had been that. I do like the "glyphs" on the UK cover. Those play an interesting part in the series, so I like that touch. I really don't know what to pick here as I don't care for either. I'll pick UK, just because I don't like the two-tone of the US.
Julie-Anne: I agree the covers aren't great and I feel like they could have merged the two colours better, or at least used colours that went together in the US cover. The solid line is a little off putting and the colours too different. I'm also not a fan of the UK cover colour and the pose the couple are in, but it's the lesser of two evils so I'm choosing UK.

D: Again, not really a fan of either. I really like pink, but the UK cover is a lot of pink. I really dislike the colour combo of the US. Again, I think I would like it better if it was just the bottom picture on the whole cover. I think I'll pick UK, just because it's the lesser of the two evils here. I don't care for either.
J: Holy pinkness, Batman! (Also, spooky that you used the same term as me for your choice). But the US one isn't really any better, the two tone thing just isn't working. I don't want to choose, do I have to choose? Can I choose this one instead?

D: Yes! I choose the little Scottie! Look at his little bendy ears!

D: More dislike from me here too. I really wish the US publisher would have just chosen the bottom halves of those covers and just went with those. I think I'll choose UK here again, even though I don't really love it.
J: I haven't read this series but I'd guess erotica based on the covers and wouldn't look twice at them if I was perusing for new books. The awkward kiss on the UK cover is horrible. And not only are the colours in the US one so different but they're also both horrible on their own. Purely for the colour, I guess I'll pick UK (but I'd still rather have the Scottish fold kitten!)
D: Also, the cover models on the UK cover look African American. This couple is most definitely not. They’re both blonds I believe.

D: Why is the dude in the UK cover so angry? Sheesh! He reminds me of Christian Bale in American Psycho there. I'm picking UK again, despite the "hero" being so angry. If the US was just the bottom half, it would have won. Though I like this cover better than the previous US covers. The colour difference isn't so contrasting.
J: Haha, the guy does look pretty pissed off. Maybe he's just discovered she's a smoker after sniffing her hair? The two colours on the US aren't as bad as previous colours but I'd still rather they tried to soften the split. I don't like the colour or either of their facial expressions on the UK one so I'll choose US here.
D: Nothing like a smoker to turn you off! I'd be pissed too.

D: Okay, we've finally gotten away from the split cover. These two are almost identical, though you'd think they'd have the same city scape, since they're the same book. I think I'll pick US here actually, just because I don't like the guy's mouth in the UK. It looks like he's talking or something. It's just weird.
J: Woohoo to one colour covers and I have no arguments with black - it goes with everything. These are so similar in style that it's hard to pick a favourite. I'm going to go with US just because I like the little symbol behind the title better than the UK one.
D: And black is so slimming!

D: These are really red/orange. I've liked covers that are bright colours before, but I don't know. Maybe this series just feels like it should have darker colours. The previous book fit more in my mind with the greyscale. I think I'll pick UK here because the guy is kind of cute.
J: These are both a horrible colour. The woman in the US cover looks like she's in pain. For that, and that alone, I'm going with UK.

D: The US has kind of gone back to the two-tone, even though it's not as defined. I don't like the colour choices though. That's a lot of yellow. I'll pick UK here I think.
J: Wow, are those US colours ever horrible! At least they've finally stopped with the solid separating line, although they should've stayed with the one colour like the last two covers. I like this shade of blue in the UK cover, although the couple look awkward - she almost looks like she's not looking in his eyes but off to the side a little. Saying that, I'll still choose UK over US.

D: I don't really care for either cover here, again. I don't like the little drip of blood on the girl's mouth. I love facial hair, but I don't like the scruff on the dude. Also, the hero in this book is African American. That dude is white white white. I think I'll go with the US cover, just because I like the blue.
J: And US have switched from the two tone again! I prefer the colour of the UK cover and the image at the bottom over the US one so I'll choose UK.

D: I really don't like the bite marks on the UK cover. We know they're vampires by this point. I don't think we need that. If she didn't have the bite marks, I'd pick UK, only because the US is cheesy with the couple. I think I'll still pick UK, actually.
J: The bite marks are a bit crap, they're too fake looking. I prefer the colour of the UK cover and the lack of cheesy couple pose, although the woman on the UK cover doesn't have a nice pose either.
D: She looks rather awkward really.

D: This is the same model from the last cover. Not sure why it would be the same girl. Regardless, I'll pick UK, even though this model is exactly how I pictured Renata from Veil of Midnight.
J: Maybe they were shooting both covers on the same day? Or the photographer just had a bunch of going images that they chose from. I hate the couple on the US cover but I like the colours more. Saying that, I think I'll still choose UK.

D: This was my favourite book of this series, actually. This is where the series starts kind of anew. This book is set 20 years after the end of Darker After Midnight, and starts featuring the younger generation of the other books. I really liked the turn the series took here. Now, the covers. On the UK cover, I do not like Kellan having fangs here. They look ridiculous and fake. Even though it's cheesy, I think I'll pick US here, just because I really dislike those fangs.
J: Wow, that green is disgusting! And those teeth on the male model are even worse. Even though I still hate the cheesy couple theme on the US cover, I prefer the colour and I really hate the fake teeth on the UK one so I choose US.

D: Again with the bite marks. I don't like it. I really don't care for either of these covers again. The kiss in the UK cover looks awkward, but the pure cheese of the US is such a turn off as well. I'll pick UK because I like the colour better.
J: I like the purple-y of the UK cover but I kinda like the blue of the US as well. Both have cheesy-pose couples. I don't like that the author name in the US one is so much bigger than the title (although as I scroll up, I realise the last book was the same). I vaguely prefer the pattern on the US over the UK so it ekes the win.

D: This is a series I've read (except for Crave the Night), and really enjoyed. I will say, they are extremely similar to JR Ward's BDB series. Extremely. I thought it would bother me more than it did though. I read through this series rather quickly. The characters are engaging enough to keep you interested. The covers suck though. Someone should really fix that.
J: I haven't read this series and I wouldn't even pause to look at them in a bookshop with those covers. This is a series I'd only read based on a trusted recommendation.

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