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Country vs Country - Study and Glass (Chronicles of Ixia) by Maria V Snyder

This week is a little different. I've decided to combine both the Study and Glass series since they're both part of Chronicles of Ixia and I've also included the Australian covers since I saw them and thought they were so pretty.

The order of Study is UK, US and Australian

Julie-Anne: I like all the covers but I don't like US as much. I don't understand why there was a random UK cover (it's the one I've got so kinda mad that they changed it) but I prefer the 1st over the 2nd/ The US is nice and pretty but a bit boring. And the Australian one, while could be described as plain, is actually gorgeous - it's the colours. I think Australian wins for me.
Danielle: I think you've said every single thing I was thinking here. I agree on every aspect. Australia definitely wins for me too. Popped right out immediately for me. I love the colours, I love that it looks like poisonous flames. Beautiful. US is pretty, but makes me think more of a historical novel. I don't really like the 2nd UK cover much. It's all right, if it were the only one I wouldn't pass it over, but it doesn't stand out like the others. It almost reminds me of those books that get re-covered for the movie. I like the butterfly around the door in the 1st UK cover. Aussies win.

J: Again, I think US is my least favourite here. It's not as boring as Poison Study, the greenery saves it from that. I think I'm going to pick Australian again. I have noticed that the UK covers of all these series seem to follow the same theme - I like that. The blue in the Australian is really nice and stands out.
D: I like the US one here. I like the greenery. The UK again seems like it's re-covered for a movie. Aussie's win again for me. I love the colours and the pattern the colours make. Really beautiful.

J: US has went back to boring on this one. And as nice as the Australian one is, I prefer the UK one for this book. As soon as I bought this book, I thought it was very pretty - my favourite of all the UK covers for sure.
D: This is my favourite of the UK covers too. It looks far less like a movie cover. I still don't love it though. I agree that the US is not as nice. Boring, and again, they seem to have gone back to the historical look to me. I still love the Australian cover. Yes, it isn't as sharp as the previous two, but I still think it's really pretty. I pick Australia here again.

Julie-Anne: I really love this series. Yelena and Valek are a great leading couple, and happily Snyder just brought them back for another series. I'd recommend this series to any fantasy reader that's looking for a new series.
Danielle: This is a series I haven't read yet. I keep meaning to, but have never gotten around to it, even though it is so highly rated by my peers. Everyone I know who has read this series has loved it.

The Glass series is in the order of UK, US 1 & 2 and Australian

Julie-Anne: I really like all four of these! I'm having trouble picking a favourite - I may actually just try and remove my least favourite until I have one left. 2nd US with the face is my 1st least favourite. UK is my 2nd least favourite - not sure why, I just prefer the remaining two. 1st US is my 3rd and final least favourite so I guess Australian wins this one for me.
Danielle: I think I agee with you again. Australia definitely wins out for me without having to eliminate. It just really jumps out for me. I think I just don't like the hood on the UK covers. I haven't read this series though, so maybe the MC wears a hooded cloak, and this really fits in. I like the US the least as well, though I do love the (I'm assuming) glass design on it. Very pretty. But as I've said before, I really dislike full faces on covers, so that is a big strike against this one. I like the US probably second in this one. But Australia wins.

J: Again, I love all of these. And again I'm going to list them backwards. In fourth place is 2nd US again - it's the big face thing. In third place is UK again. In second place is Australian. Purely because I really like this image on the 1st US cover.
D: I'm torn between Australia and the first US here too. I really love all the Australian covers, but I do really like the US one here. Least favourite is definitely US#2 (full face, blah), and third place goes to UK. It just seems a little boring next to the Australian and 1st US cover. I think I'll pick the first US cover for this one, though I really did have to think on it.

J:Once again, I'm going to list them backwards because I really like them all. Fourth place is 2nd US again - her face is taking up too much of the cover. Third place is UK. 2nd place is 1st US - I think it's the colour. First place is Australian again.
D: Australian wins here for me. 2nd US is definitely last, and I actually like the UK better than the first US here. At least the first US has her face covered enough that it doesn't put images into your head. It does look like the models from the last book and this one are different. Are they not about the same girl? Australia wins for me. Though of the Aussie covers, this one is my least favourite.
J: Yes, different MC in this series. Although a lot of crossover does happen with characters.

Julie-Anne: This may be a first for me - a series that I like all the covers for all the books. Plus we have 2 US ones and Australian in there so there's more covers to choose from. Snyder's publication companies are good at covers! I love Snyder's work, I've still to finish this series but it's purely laziness on my part.
Danielle: Again, I have not read this series. I'll steal JA's words and say that it is pure laziness on my part as well. I really should read them, as everyone I know loves them. I also agree that this is probably the first time I've like all the covers from each of the countries.

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