Sunday, 16 June 2013

Love & Zombies by Eric Shapiro

The zombie apocalypse has already ended. The government nipped the problem in the bud before it got out of hand. But now Henry, an aspiring filmmaker in Los Angeles, is getting a request from his old friend Sam Kranson. Sam Kranson says they need to go run an errand in Las Vegas. There's a hefty payday for the job. And it involves capturing a real live zombie.

But that can't be true, can it? Are there zombies out there in the Nevada desert? Or has Sam Kranson finally lost his mind? And more importantly: Will Henry's loving girlfriend Teresa strangle him if he goes on this adventure with Sam?

Part horror, part comedy, all madness and suspense, Love & Zombies is a lunatic burn through three days in the life of Henry—days in which he battles to stay alive, and get back to his love without becoming (un)dead.

Release Date: 25th June 2013

Henry gets roped into going to Nevada to capture a zombie by his friend Sam. Henry believe the media when they say there are no zombies left, that they've all been killed, but he goes along with Sam 'cos there's money involved. The zombie is wanted by someone who makes zombie porn, all they need to do it wait for a girl to get infected then grab her before the infection becomes full on. That's not as simple as it all seems.

The cover for this is delightfully awesome and very old-school tattoo looking - I love it, it's what caught my eye. The story sounded like it would be fun as well, and it really was, I mean what can you expect from a book about zombie porn. Shapiro gives you enough detail to help with the story but doesn't go so overboard with it that it bores you.

This book was very quick to read and I found it to be extremely entertaining. Dark Fuse are proving themselves to be a publisher that aren't scared of the weird and unusual and what few books I've read from them, have been great.

If you don't mind books that don't take themselves seriously then I recommend this one. It's brill.

I can't find this book on any of my regular sites and it doesn't seem to be up for pre-order on the Dark Fuse site but keep and eye on it on release date if you want to get it.

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