Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler

Anyan may be trapped in an evil dragon and Blondie may be gone, but Jane knows one thing: she's not about to give up. She's ready to tear down heaven and earth to save her lover, despite those who believe he's lost.

Luckily for Jane, those who've given up on Anyan do not include those closest to her. Defying The Powers That Be, Jane and Company form their own crack squad of misfits, in whose hands the fate of the world may well rest.

With a little help from her friends, the Universe, and lots of snacks, Jane embarks on her greatest adventure yet, confident that with great sacrifice comes great reward. The question is, who will be that sacrifice?

Jane has just lost Anyan and Blondie and now she's expected to keep on fighting to get rid of the Red and the White. Unfortunately, nobody is entirely certain how to do that and whether she can get Anyan back. She fights on and the Creature helps her find someone who can help and she has hope that she can save Anyan while defeating the Red and the White.

Ah, the last book ..... wait that should say, Aaargh! It's the last book *sob*

OK, I think I have that out of my system. Peeler is on top form as usual with her writing, this last book is just as funny as the last five but also as serious as you would expect a possible "end of the world" book to be (well, an end of the world book that involved Jane True and her varying friends).

I was both looking forward to and fearing reading this book - I wasn't disappointed, it was a great ending to the series. Peeler is good at not leaving lots of open storylines so she didn't have a lot of things to tie off in this one. I have to say I wasn't in love with the ending - I won't say why but I just wasn't feeling it.

I loved this series and will continue to recommend it to people - I can also get my tattoo idea into play now that all the books are out.

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